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Here’s how iOS 11 is going to change your iPhone

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iOS 11 on the iPad introduces a brave new world of improved multitasking, dragging-and-dropping, and launching apps from a familiar dock. Yes, Apple saved the most substantive changes for its tablets , so it’s tempting to overlook the enhancements on the iPhone side of things. That would be selling the iOS 11 update short. While this initial beta iOS 11

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Uber hires former Google engineer

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SAN FRANCISCO — Uber acknowledged hiring a former Google engineer – now accused of stealing self-driving car technology – despite having received warnings that he was still carrying around some of his former employer’s property. The admission, contained in a Thursday court filing, is the latest twist in a high-profile legal fight between the ride-hailing company and a Google spin-off,

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CAUTION!! Messenger messages are not private.

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The rise of instant messaging platforms being used in our workplaces has made communication more efficient and productiveIt’s this factor that can be especially dangerous for businesses and employees. We all get a little loose sometimes, treating work as if it’s home and maybe getting too familiar with coworkers. The integration of pictures and video, like GIFS and emoji, into office

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Health Data Strategy on iPhone

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Apple last year acquired Gliimpse, a medical records startup that helped collect data from different platforms and organized the information for patients.

Thus far, Apple’s efforts largely have focused on fitness information, but in recent years it has moved into more focused healthcare delivery. For example, the company recently began work on developing sensors that could help diabetic patients manage blood glucose levels.

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