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This group of Obama alums has raised $2.5 million to improve Democrats’ tech tools

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Higher Ground Labs, which will add Obama aide Ron Klain as chairman, will announce the first crop of campaign-tech companies it plans to support A startup incubator launched by some of former President Barack Obama’s top tech aides is ramping up its efforts to raise money and invest in new, cutting-edge digital tools meant to help Democrats win more races

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facebook launches free internet drones

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Facebook’s internet-beaming drone, a lightweight but wide solar-powered aircraft it’s building to bring internet to rural places, completed its second test flight in the Arizona desert, the company announced Thursday. The drone flew for an hour and 46 minutes back in late May, about 10 minutes longer than its original flight. More importantly, Facebook claims the drone “landed perfectly.” On

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After a massive cyber attack with ransom demands Companies struggle to recover

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The company said that its preliminary findings suggest the malware is a new kind of ransomware not seen before, not a variant of the Petya ransomware, as other cybersecurity researchers had suggested. It named the malware *ExPetr*, adding that while “it has several strings similar to Petya, it possesses entirely different functionality.”

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Google pays $2.7Billion fine in E.U. over manipulated search results

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The penalty, of 2.4 billion euros, highlights the aggressive stance that European officials have taken in regulating many of the world’s largest technology companies, going significantly further than their American counterparts. By levying the fine against Google — more than double the previous largest penalty in this type of antitrust case — Margrethe Vestager, the European Union’s antitrust chief, also

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The Kampala Landlord Mobile App

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A mobile companion for private landlord Most important information in your hands Manage information about properties, tenants and rent fees. Keep important notes like contact information, related photos and documents organized and easily accessible. Keep track of tenant payments Track rent payments on the go and get detailed tenant balance and payments history. Landlordy supports partial payments as well as

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Self-driving car software chief exits after six months

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Tesla’s self-driving car software team is getting a new boss after the latest person in the job lasted only about six months. Chris Lattner, who had joined Tesla from Apple in January, confirmed late Tuesday that he has left the company. “Turns out that Tesla isn’t a good fit for me after all,” Lattner said on Twitter. “I’m interested to

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Uber hires former Google engineer

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SAN FRANCISCO — Uber acknowledged hiring a former Google engineer – now accused of stealing self-driving car technology – despite having received warnings that he was still carrying around some of his former employer’s property. The admission, contained in a Thursday court filing, is the latest twist in a high-profile legal fight between the ride-hailing company and a Google spin-off,

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Whatsapp is a rising lion

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WhatsApp is becoming one of the prevailing ways people discover and discuss news, according to a study. But use of the messaging app appears to vary widely between countries. In Malaysia, more than 50% of those surveyed said they used WhatsApp for news at least once a week. But in the US, the figure was only 3%, and in the

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White House Aims to Speed U.S. Drone

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President Donald Trump will meet with the chief executives of General Electric Co, Honeywell International Inc and AT&T Inc AT&T Inc, major drone industry firms and venture capitalists in the latest effort by the White House to focus on innovative technologies as a way of spurring job growth. Michael Kratsios, the White House’s deputy chief technology officer, told reporters the

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