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Windows 10 update sends some PCs into a BSOD boot loop.

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You may want to hold off on updating Windows until this is sorted out.   A troublesome Windows update that was rolled out to PCs running the Windows 10 Creators Update yesterday is causing some systems to spit out a blue screen of death (BSOD) error. Worse yet is that these rigs end up caught in an endless reboot, making

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Trump’s private talks with the tech industry

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For the past seven months, tech giants like Apple, Google and Microsoft have been at war with the White House — fighting President Donald Trump in court over immigration, while blasting him in public for his stance on climate change. But those leading executives adopted a far more tactical tone on Monday, as the Trump administration kicked off its effort

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CAUTION!! Messenger messages are not private.

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The rise of instant messaging platforms being used in our workplaces has made communication more efficient and productiveIt’s this factor that can be especially dangerous for businesses and employees. We all get a little loose sometimes, treating work as if it’s home and maybe getting too familiar with coworkers. The integration of pictures and video, like GIFS and emoji, into office

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Microsoft Toughen Windows Security

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Microsoft Buys Hexadite to Toughen Windows Security
Microsoft has called for a Digital Geneva Convention, which would create a global regulatory system to manage cybersecurity issues.

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