I just got the new update for the iPad, iOS 11, and it’s the biggest update the iPad has ever gotten.

So the big theme behind iOS 11 on the iPad is it’s supposed to make the iPad more of a traditional computer replacement. They added so many features that we’ve been used to using on the Mac for years and now they’re finally on the iPad.

The biggest thing that you’re going to notice is this new dock at the bottom. So there a lot of cool things you can do with the dock. For example, if you’re inside an app already you can pop up the dock whenever you want, drag over another app, and apps like you’re seeing right now can float in a separate window or you can snap it to the side.

And there’s also a new multi-task switcher, so if you double tap the home button this is your new view for switching between apps. But you’ll also notice here on the right a new control panel that’s completely customizable. So for the first time ever, Apple’s giving you more control over what widgets you have in the control panel.

Another big thing is the new Files app. This is more of a traditional file system that you would find on a Mac or a PC. So it’s really great you can click into your different files and documents … it’s really handy.

Another great feature I like is the ability to drag content in between apps. And it’s really easy to tap and just drag the image over. And boom. It goes right into the new app.

Another cool thing in Notes is character recognition. So, if you have the Apple Pencil, you can scribble down notes and the app will automatically read your handwriting. Even if you have terrible handwriting, and store it as a plain-text note, which makes it easily searchable.

So the real question is: How does it work? Is it a great computer replacement? For some people — maybe? But it’s going to be dependent on developers to make apps that really take advantage of these new features in iOS 11 in order to make this a better PC replacement. So this actually launches publicly, the full version, later this fall. But it does make a decent computer replacement for people who do light tasks like emailing and surfing the web.

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